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Russian prior art search: portfolio, samples, case studies

» Russian patent prior art search
Here is the list of recent Russian prior art search inquiries we received and successfully carried out:

Task: prior art search for Russian patent literature related to two so-called "true" random number generators (or non-deterministic random number generators).
Completed: January 18, 2011

Task: prior art search including Russian and Soviet Union patents relevant to medical injectors
Completed: August 19, 2010

Task: prior art search for SU patents pertaining to crystal growth technology for silicon carbide (SiC). Of particular interest are patents in this set which might include one or more of the inventor “family” names.
Completed: August 13, 2010

Task: prior art that relates to potential invalidity of U.S. patent ******* in Russian scientific literature (or published patents, or published patent applications) that disclose the use of beta alanine (an amino acid) in combination with creatine (an organic acid), preferably for use as a nutritional supplement for humans (or other mammals).
Completed: May 14, 2010

The Russian prior art search has been carried out among Russian and Soviet patent documents with an effective date after 1959 till present which concern Pd/Pd alloy membrane on porous metal support with an intermediate layer formed by oxidation, where the membrane structure is: top layer (Pd/Pd alloy) + intermediate layer (metal oxide) + porous metal support.

I am looking for prior art on diamond treatments at high pressure and high temperature. This is a process of changing natural diamonds from brown to white, yellow, pink, blue, orange or green. Hopefully there will be one that includes temperatures up to 2500 C. I especially need papers that were written prior to 1997.

I would like a prior art search performed related to external defibrillators. I would like art older than August 6th, 1993 and preferably older than August 6th 1992. The main features I am looking for are:
1) Use of high voltage switches to create the shock's waveform,
2) Ability to create a biphasic wave form for shocking;
3) Ability of the external defibrillators to automatically perform periodic self-tests on its electrical components.
Each are somewhat independent, but it would be nice to find one or two references that covered all three topics.

We are looking for prior art that would help invalidate US Pat. Look in these classes: A61B 1756 and A61B 1704

The claims are method claims. They basically require:
Attaching a suture to an anchor;
Forming a hole in bone;
Pressing the anchor (with attached suture) into the hole; and
(in one claim) attaching the suture to tissue to pull the tissue against the bone.

The hole has to be at least partially formed before the anchor is inserted. The suture has to be attached to the anchor before the anchor is inserted into the hole. The anchor can be hammered in or pushed into the bone. In only one of the claims is the additional step of attaching the suture to tissue.

Survey of Russian and Soviet patents (both expired and non-expired) covering either (1) injection of CS2 or precursor thereof (described explicitly as such) into subterranean formation (this needs to be explicit, e.g. dewaxing a well will not be included unless there is mention of desirable penetration of the formation) and (2) making CS2 in the oil field