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Russian trademark search services - we search in registered trademarks and trademark applications of Russia

Trademark registration services in Russia carried out by Russian trademark attorneys

We are in Russia, trademark search is our core competency.

We offer absolutely the best Russian trademarks search in the world, because:

1) nobody but us will allow payment AFTER you receive search report

2) we search trademarks registered in Russia for as low as US$250 (compared with much slower service that Russian patent and trademark office offers for $405 + disbursements)

3) we provide COMPLETE results for Russian trademarks search
- we search not only in registered trademarks, but also in Russian trademark applications and in international trademarks which are in effect in Russia

4) we do trademark register search in Russia as fast as witnin 1 business day.

Cost: US$250 is for searching 1 (one) word or combined (word + design) tradermark in
up to 3 (three) International classes.

Each additional class: + $40.

This search includes a search of trademarks both in Latin and Cyrillic symbols.
It also includes search in WHOIS database of Russian domains. (.RU and .SU)

Contact us by email:

Recent testimonials:

Sonia Olivieri

We requested a trademark search in Russian Federation. We found Patents from RU service to be very fast and of good quality. We will use their service for further searches in Russia. We suggest and recommend Patents from RU to others.

October 25, 2013
Takuro Yamashita
NIS America

I ordered Russian trademark research to them, because my company needed to research some trade mark status in Russia. I am satisfied with the quality and the speed of their service.

March 11, 2009

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