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Russian patents and trademarks: Russian to English translation services

Our policy: Money to be paid AFTER you receive the translated document.

Cost of translation Russian patents into English:

Translation: Russian to English/English to Russian US$0.15 per word (English)
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Recent testimonials:

Amy Allan
Attenuon, LLC

I would use Patents from RU again and recommend them highly.

They responded very quickly to my email request for a translation. The cost was reasonable and the turnaround time very short for the patent translations.

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Email us at

Usual turnaround would be the fifth to seventh day for translations (more for >6,000-8,000 words), second to third day for editing (depending on size of the project).

Rush work (translation fourth day or sooner, 24 hrs for editing) would be a 50% surcharge, and would depend on available capacity.

Translations are carried out by our partner in USA whose mother tongue is American English.
He turned out to be an exceptional editor, too - he immediately sees factual mistakes in original text and takes care of them. Surprisingly, factual mistakes are not that rare to come upon in texts of patent documents.

His specializations are: pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biotechnology, agrochemicals, medical, and polymers.

His background includes:
- Two Years chemical research at CB Research & Development and Beard Research Inc., Senior Research Chemist
Translation and competitive analysis of multilingual patents

- Eleven years chemical research at DuPont, Senior Research Chemist
Translation and competitive analysis of multilingual patents, preparation of patent disclosures

- Six years academic teaching and research at Polytechnic University, Brooklyn
Collaborations with researchers in Germany, Soviet Union and Japan
Prepared and gave bilingual (English/Russian) research presentation ICOS-1986 Conference
Pursued federally-funded research in medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, and polymers