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Russian patent search and document delivery service
(incl. otherwise untracebable documents)

Our policy: Money to be paid AFTER you received the material requested.

Cost of Russian/USSR patent electronic delivery:

1. Russian patents (RU: 1994 - current) Please inquire
2. USSR patents/Soviet Union patents/USSR author's certificate
  (SU: 1924 - 1994)
Please inquire
3. Russian patent applications
Please inquire
4. USSR patent applications
US$75 per document
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» Russian scientific and medical literature search and delivery (articles from Russian journals, thesises, manuscripts)
» Russian Prior Art search (prior-art patent search in the soviet union and russian documents)

Recent testimonials:

Jennifer Groh
Morgan & Finnegan

I found out about Patents from Ru by way of a Google search when I was in need of a Russian patent that none of the commercial vendors could provide either at either a reasonable turnaround or cost.

Within minutes of my request, I not only had the needed patent in hand but an invoice as well -- at a cost well below that of the competition !

... Thanks for a job very well done !
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We can retrieve and deliver to you patent documents based on either of these parameters provided:
» Keywords
» Title
» Publication Number
  » Publication Date
» Application Number
» Date of Filing
  » Claim (s) date
» International Classification
» Further classifications
  » Applicant
» Inventor
» Proprietor Assignee

Russian patents (RU), USSR/Soviet Union patents(SU), Russian Patent applications and USSR patent applications are delivered as PDF files by email.

Russian patents (RU), USSR (Soviet Union) patents(SU)

Turnaround time: 1 business day

RU patent documents (1994 - present)
SU patent documents (1924 - 1994)

SAMPLE DOCUMENT: To see a sample of (RU) or (SU) patent document, check out
databases of Russian/USSR patents (1924 - current)
We took special efforts to provide bilingual (Russian/English) samples of regular Russian-only documents.

Russian Patent applications
USSR/Soviet Union patent applications

Turnaround time: 7-14 business day
Documents are retrieved from paper archives.

Availability is not guaranteed - USSR patent applications are scattered across archives in several locations, and during 90s many archives undergone drastic changes, considerable part of paper archives was lost.
However, so far we were able to fulfil almost all inquiries for USSR patent applications. You pay only for available materials.

SAMPLE DOCUMENT: "Priority patent application submitted to the State Committee on Matters of Inventions and Discoveries of the USSR, No. 4255263/14(88310)"
(6 zipped TIFF images, 700 Kb)